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Year 2016's last GG post

I refuse to believe that this year has come to an end...its just yesterday I started making plans for the new year.

Alas! I don't have the magical powers  of stopping the let's move on and see what gift stitching I did since last post.

I have been feeling lost crafting see I have too many ideas in mind . I start with one idea and then end up not liking it. In this chaos, I have finished stitching some smalls which are being used for a new purpose as the old idea went poof.

First is this tiny card which I made and gave it to my friend E for her birthday .
Second is this Christmas card which I have sent to Shami .
The reason I'm posting this update on last day of the month is that I wanted the receipients to get the gifts I have been making all thru the year.Very happy to report that 2 gifts were hand delivered and 3 sent thru post while  I was on vacation in India.
Now onto gifts received:
My mommy made me a knitted jacket;I received a beautiful packa…

Getting back to routine

Hello Friends,

Is it the 15th already? Just a few minutes back I was thinking that this weekend is the IHSW and I will put up a post for GG and IHSW together (sense the laziness here) . Another look at the calendar and I realise that its the 15th today and time for a GG post. Gifted Gorgeousness is a stress free SAL being hosted by Jo . Go check the easy peasy rules if you wanna join us .

As my post title suggests, I'm trying to get into a routine these days. We moved to a new appartment on the 22nd and it was quite a smooth move. It helped that we were living in a furnished appartment earlier and we had very little furniture to move. We didn't hire any movers and packers and were able to shift on our own.
We were able to arrange all the new furniture and kitchen appliances in 4 days after office hours. The reason I rushed moving  was that I wanted to celebrate Diwali in a new house. Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights is one of the biggest Indian festivals and my favourite …

Take a bow!!

Hello Friends,

I just can't stop smiling and dancing in my head...the reason you ask...

Well I have finally completed all stitching on my biggest project ever. Here I present to you Flower of the month series designed by Ellen Maurer Stroh in its full glory. It took me so long to stitch this project that I can't believe that I finished it .

Some details:
Started on : 27-Apr-2015 Finished on: 18-Oct-2016
Number of days: 116 Stitched on: 14 count  Aida Floss used : DMC,Anchor Designer: Ellen Maurer Stroh Stitch count each flower  : 63H*63W
The last time I showed you this project was in August ,very little was left to stitch. I was wondering why did it take me so long to finish after the last update? I realized these last two monthshave been pretty busy.Vacation in Greece which required a lot of planning , participating in exchanges, knitting , house hunting and some sick time.
We will be moving to a new house this weekend. We have been wanting to shift to a new house since start of the ye…

Gifted Gorgeousness September Update

Hello Friends,

I'm back from a two week vacation in Greece . I had a time of my life and left a part of my heart there. I will probably dedicate a post to my Greece vacation. Between planning,packing and travelling ,I managed to stitch some gifts.

First is a small birthday gift I made for dear Jo
I made this washi tape card on handmade paper .I used to collect handmade paper in mid 2000s and recently brought my collection to Kuwait from India.

I also added a small pouch to her gift which I stitched during my vacation at my parent's house in February. I was saving it for the right occasion .This was a kit from Vervaco ,given to me by friend Linda, which I mentioned in my earlier post here,on her last day in Kuwait.

As all of you know about the postal issues in Kuwait, I'm always looking for opportunities to send mail to my friends , participate in swaps when I travel. My Greece vacation couldn't have happened at better time as I was able to send Jo some handmade love.

I also …

Jo's Big Birthday Blog Hop

Hello Hello,

Welcome to Big Birthday Party for Jo’s Big Birthday ….if you are tired of hopping around, sit down and have a cold lemonade. 
Don’t worry I’m not going to serve you cake, I know you have had enough of it already …how about some savory snacks.

Jo, I hope you recognize these from your time spent in Singapore.
Now that you have caught you breath after hopping across blogs, it’s time to tell you what year it is It is year 1993 and Jo is 27.
Something very important happened this year… She started cross stitching in this year. Yes Yes Cross stitching!!! She even has a piece dated for that year to prove it. 
Here is the story behind it.Jo was visiting a friend who was cross stitching a Country Companions design for her son.  She liked the look of the craft and bought two small Anchor sampler kits to try it herself.She was soon hooked and rest is history.
I’m sure anybody who is reading this blog now knows about Jo’s love for cross stitching. She has an eclectic taste and she has 500 fi…

And Then There Were Twelve

What is she talking about? Is it 12 days of Christmas ?

Nope my dear friends, I'm talking about the twelfth flower of Ellen Maurer-Stroh Flower of the month project I completed stitching yesterday.

This post is a joint check-in for Gifted Gorgeousness SAL hosted by Jo & IHSW hosted by Joysze.

I didn't forget to post for GG SAL on 15th , I was deliberately holding the post so as to show you some substantial stitching. Hermitting over the weekend helped me achieve this.

So without any further delay here is the last flower :December "Poinsettia" in its glory.
I had to move the q snap so I can work on borders of other flowers and I clicked a picture of the whole project so far. I need to add borders to 5 flowers, fill in some white and add backstitch to the butterfly, bees and daffodils.I think it will take a week to finish this.

This piece is a gift for my aunt's 25th wedding anniversary and the aida was a gift from a fellow stitcher.

Yesterday while I was stit…

Happy World Cross Stitch Day

Hey Stitchy Friends,

Wishing you all a very Happy World Cross Stitch Day. May you have smoky needles and be blessed with charts,fabrics and floss to last a life

I remember seeing a post about World Cross Stitch Day a year or two back. Didn't remember the exact date though. Yesterday someone posted on Instagram that its tomorrow. So I figured that its celebrated every year on 2nd Friday of August . I know its not as famous as other craft events like International Crochet Day or WWKIP but its upon cross stitch crazy people like us to make it more popular.

On to some stitchy news...First a thing which made me squeal...Those who have been following my blog regularly know how I keep complaining about lack of availability of stitchy supplies here in Kuwait especially cross stitch magazines.In last 2.5 years I have checked with all book stores for magazines with no positive results.
Yesterday we went to a home decor store to buy a hand bag and there was a small section of boo…

July wrap up

Hello Friends,
Another month has come to an end and it's time for a monthly report.

I participated in Just one July SAL organised by Justine this month. As you know ,I have been stitching my EMS Flower of the Month project for this SAL.Here are some progress shots:
I have now decided to stitch this piece until its completed.

Remember I told you I will show you some stash in my next post.My friend K is back from States and has bought me goodies.
First is my win from Mii Stitch's fourth blog anniversary giveaway.Thanks Mii, I love it!

Did I tell you that I have been tempted to buy Dimensions Kits since long? I love the designs they have to offer . However, I had read about how the aida in kits is rough and stiff and people run out of floss.To avoid these problems, I was looking to buy only a chart . Didn't get much success in that.So, I went ahead and bought a design which has been on my wish list

Isn't these beautiful? Do you know Peacock is National Bird of India? Thi…