Gifted Gorgeousness SAL November Update

Hello Friends,

Hope you all are well and preparing for winters.

The weather here has cooled down and I'm enjoying the pleasant wind.

On to crafting, I have a FINISH!!! Yes you read it right...a finish.

I finally knit last stitch on the baby blanket I was making for my friend's baby. I washed it (in a washing machine,after lot of apprehensions) , blocked it and now its ready to be gifted to the baby. Now the question is , how will I send it to the recipient !

Here are few pics of the finished piece, which don't do justice to the beauty it turned out to be. I think I should take some class how to photograph handmade items.

The blanket took much longer than I expected,but I satisfy myself by saying , Hey its still quicker than cross stitch .😉

As this is my first big knitting project , I learnt so many new things related to this form of needle craft. I have realised that I need a lot of help from real people while learning something new  , videos and photos don't help me…

Gifted Gorgeousness mixed with Diwali celebrations

Hello Friends,
Hope you are enjoying fall or onset of winter in your part of the world.
Sorry I have been missing in action, not much crafting happening here. I think I’m sad from the fact that the year is coming to an end and I don’t have a proper crafty finish except the small projects I stitched for swaps.
Anyways, I’m here to show you the gifts I have been showered upon since my last post.
Remember the owl card for a cross stitch card swap I showed in my last post, my partner stitched this cute Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery design for me, changing the hair color to match mine. Also this was her first attempt at linen, so well done my friend.

I framed the card using an IKEA frame I had at home. What do you think of it?
We celebrated the Festival of Lights from Oct 17-Oct 21. It’s my favourite Indian Hindu festival and this year I made some extra efforts at decoration which I will show later in this post. I invited my craft friends for evening snacks and we had a good time.
My friend Tammy mad…

Gifted Gorgeousness & September Smalls Theme-tas-stitch 2017 Check -in

Another two in one and quick post before I fly out to USA for our annual vacation tomorrow morning.

As you know, for me travelling means a chance to participate in exchanges and swaps. This time I have participated in three small easy swaps.

First is cross stitch ATC swap on Instagram . The theme for this month is Blackwork. I have been meaning to try blackwork since last year and is one of my craft goal for this year. too The rules for this exchange are quite simple and the size of cross stitch ATC should be 3.5" * 2.5",which means it can be stitched in 1-2 days.

Here is what I have stitched for my partner , hope she likes it and doesn't see this post before she gets it..ha ha

I stitched this cute owl card for a personal swap on Instagram . This card was a cover kit given to me by Kerry in our biscornu exchange in July. I don't know why it took me more than a week to stitch this but atleast I wasn't a chicken this time and stitched the french knots.

Both these …

August crafting report

Hello Friends,

Wow its been more than a month I posted on my blog , I have been feeling so lazy to write a post, comment on blogs and craft .

Today is first day of 5 day long weekend here and I thought I will gather myself together and write a post at least on the last day of the month.

This month has been busy with deadlines at work, vacation planning and festivals. But there have been days when I had time to craft but I sat on the sofa wasting my time on my phone. At least I have started reading again and managed to finish 3 books this month.

Here is what I have to show for the Gifted Gorgeousness and Theme-Tas-Stitch SAL run by Jo and Kerry respectively.

As you know my craft group meets fortnightly and it has become a tradition to receive gifts from very generous friends every meetup. This is what I have received over last 2 months:

My house is full of such crochet gifts now and anytime someone visits for the first time they can't help notice all the crochet/knitted/cross stit…

Biscornu exchange with the Biscornu expert!!!

Isn't that a funny title ? Well if not, at least it gives you the hint who my exchange partner was...

Kerry had commented on my last exchange post that she will be interested in a exchange if time is suitable in future. Well who thought I will get the opportunity so to London for work.

We decided to keep the exchange a simple one with only one cross stitched item, which of course was a biscornu. E-mails were exchanged to understand each other's likes and dislikes and we were set for the exchange.

Here is what I received from Kerry. A big box of goodies all individually wrapped up in this lovely floral paper....Look at what she sent me

A postcard and magnet from where she lives, chocolate, DMC variegated threads,loads of hand made jewellery: a bracelet, ear rings, key ring and a book mark. She let me choose the cover kits you see in the pic which she was giving away, how thoughtful of her. The biscornu is amazing , a peacock themed pattern - perfect for me . The p…

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL July Update

Hello Friends,

It's that time of the month when we show what gifts we have been working on or/and what crafty gifts we have received. If you don't know what I'm talking about , check Jo's blog for more info.

Not much to show this time , also I'm really short of time as I'm flying out for a business trip tomorrow and I have to start packing..oops

First is a Giveaway win - I won this Lizzie Kate chart  thru Tiff's blog giveaway in March. Thank you Tiffany for the chart.

While we are talking about giveaway, let me announce winners of my first blog giveaway:

Please send me your address at my email address or if you are connected to me thru facebook or Instagram, send me personal message.
I stitched a small design on this pre-sewn pouch in December for keeping some tit bits for babies. This will now be gifted to grandson of one of my colleagues. The design is from a magazine gifted by my friend Tammy. I will add details of the design later…

WWKIP day 2017

One month back on this day, I was running around , trying to be a good organizer..the occasion
3rd Edition of Kuwait WWKIP day
Worldwide Knit-in-Public Day (WWKIP Day) was started in 2005 by Danielle Landes as a way to bring knitters out of isolation.  What started out as a very small movement (with only 25 local events taking place that year) has grown substantially with Knit-in-Public (KIP) events now taking place all around the world. The KIP Day slogan of “better living through stitching together” reinforces the well-documented benefits of crafting, such as alleviating stress, anxiety and depression. It is really about showing the general public that crafting can be a community activity in a very distinct way.
Each KIP event is solely organized by volunteers. I found out about this event in 2015 shortly after I joined my current craft group Kuwait Crafters . Though I didn't that time, I thought of celebrating the day to get a chance to meet new crafters. It was the first time Kuwa…